Document Storage vs Document Scanning

12th Jun 2017 by The Maltings

Which option is more cost effective?

To store or scan? That is the question many business owners will ask themselves at some point regarding their important documents – and it’s a very good question. You want the safest solution to keep your records for as long as you need them and be able to retrieve them as and when you need, but you also don’t want to pay over the odds to do so.

Did you know, the typical document retention period is seven years? That means you need to think long-term. What works for you now, might not be suitable in a few years’ time. By choosing to store your confidential documents with a reputable storage company, like The Maltings Document Storage Solution Ltd, you can spread the cost over those seven years rather than paying an upfront cost as would be the case if you got your documents scanned. How much does it cost we hear you ask? You might be surprised to hear that the total cost of storing your items, including a set number of FREE collections and retrievals straight to your office, can equate to less than a third of the total cost to have your documents scanned to an online system.

We even offer a destruction service so you can rest assured that when you no longer need your documents they will be securely destroyed. And speaking of secure, we provide CCTV and 24 hour on site security staff, 365 days a year so you know your documents are in safe hands.

If you are still in two minds whether to store or scan, contact us, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much money you can save.

More than 700 organisations, many of them top names in their own fields, have put their trust in The Maltings Document Storage Solutions’ professionalism.

For all your document storage and retrieval needs, visit The Maltings, call 029 20 79 34 34, or email


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