Self-storage or document storage?

06th Jun 2017 by The Maltings

People often confuse self-storage and document storage, but in reality, they are two completely different services.

The former is very much a free-for-all; hire a box and put what you want in it. Yes, it will be protected by CCTV and security, but who knows what your storage neighbours are housing in their boxes and how it could impact your belongings. You’ll be in charge of managing your files, which means keeping track of where everything is, and stacking them appropriately for easy access. If you run out of room, you’ll need to hire another unit, which, in theory will double the cost upfront despite probably not needing double the storage space immediately.

In contrast, document storage facilities are purpose built specifically for housing and retrieving paper documents. We have recording systems in place and know how to keep all records safe.

The records management industry has certain standards and rules to be followed that aren’t applicable when it comes to self-storage. From security to staff credentials, these policies are designed to keep your documents safe.

Finally, you only pay for what you use. A traditional bankers box costs as little as 1½ pence per day no matter how many boxes you have. So, while a storage unit is a great solution for larger items, if it’s record management you’re after, we’d always recommend a professional document storage service.

The Maltings Document Storage Solutions will store, protect and retrieve your documents as and when you need. Give us a call to find out more 02920 79 34 34, or visit


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