Why word of mouth is best

19th Sep 2017 by

We see an advert, we like what we see. Do we buy it? Maybe. We get a leaflet through the door or see a sponsored post on Facebook. Do we endeavour to find out more? Perhaps. A close and trusted friend tells us about an amazing place they’ve visited. Do you go? Probably.

Why? Because we trust what people say. The power of words far outweighs the power of a paid for advert. In the same way PR (that’s public relations to you and I!) has a higher value placed upon on it than advertising. Did you know the same size article in a newspaper has three time – sometimes four depending on which agency you speak to - the value of an equivalent sized advert. Again, we ask ourselves why? Quite simply, because the human race is a sceptical bunch! We see an advert and immediately look at what they might be hiding, what they aren’t telling us or consider something too good to be true. If someone gives us advice or a recommendation, chances are we will trust what they are saying even if, like the newspaper journalists, the people on TripAdvisor or the reviewers on Amazon, we don’t know them. That’s why so many adverts nowadays include customer testimonials. Nothing is more compelling than the word of mouth, and that is why at The Maltings Document Storage Solutions we are offering £100 to our existing clients if you recommend a new business to join us.

We know we do a good job and know our clients know too, so shout about it, and we’ll reward you!

P.S. Have you read our excellent client testimonials on our website?! http://themaltingsdss.co.uk/re...


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