Relax. All of your document digitisation needs in Cardiff are taken care of. Scan on demand, confidential document scanning from Maltings Datascan.

We can offer advice on selecting the best way to capture and store scanned documents digitally for our clients in Cardiff since scanned documents can be stored in a variety of formats. The requirements of each client are different, so we cater our service to fit their needs. You are the one driving our service, and we listen to your needs and find solutions that suit you.

Document Scanning Service Cardiff

We offer secure document scanning services for all our clients and businesses in Cardiff at The Maltings Document Storage Solutions. Using our scanning service, we create digital files from your paper documents. Saving space for you and your business while enhancing efficiency and security. We can also scan bulk documents for you or digitise them

Scanning Solutions for Document Storage

Using our document scanning and storage services has many benefits:

- Saves time
- Re-utilise or save space in the office
- Reduce office overheads
- Save money on printing and postage
- Protect important documents from disaster
- Improve customer service levels
- Security of electronic backup
- Improved availability of documents

Ensure safe storage of documents such as

- Credit Notes
- Customer Correspondence
- Delivery Notes
- HR Files
- Medical Records

Committed to Confidentiality

We are committed to providing our customers with peace of mind, and as a result, Maltings DataScan has put policies and procedures in place to guarantee the privacy and security of their documents.

All documents in our possession are treated with strict confidentiality. If a client requires us to sign a confidentiality agreement, we are willing to do so.

Paper Guide

You're unlikely to know exactly how much paper you have but here is a rough guide.

Average pages per:

  • Ring Binder: 100 pages
  • Lever arch file: 300 pages
  • Small archive box (330x265x385mm): 1,800 pages
  • Large archive box (380x287x430mm): 2,500 pages
  • 4 drawer filing cabinet: 11,000 pages

Once you have an idea of the amount of paper you have, you can calculate an approximate figure based on our competitive "all in" cost.

Collection of Documents

We can arrange for the collection of documents from local clients. A collection note is issued upon collection with a unique reference number.

Preparation of Documents

The documentation is removed from staples, paper clips, sticky notes, binders, etc., and creases are removed so that they can be fed through the scanners.

Scanning of Your Files

Our scanning operatives scan the prepared documents and our advanced scanning equipment employs an array of intelligent settings. By doing so, the scanning process ensures that no documents are missed.

Indexing of Files

Upon scanning, your electronic files are indexed with all the required data, whether it is a client surname or reference number. A vital aspect of the procedure is indexing documents, and we work closely with clients to establish the best way to index their documents to facilitate future reference.

Quality Checks

Before storing electronic files on a disc, all electronic files are put through a series of checks to ensure that any errors are corrected.

Files are Digitised to Disc

Documents are then digitised and stored on CD-ROM or DVD on completion of the scanning and approval process.

Delivery of your Electronic Files

If you wish, one of our team members will deliver the completed CD-ROM or DVD by hand once it has been completed.

Scan on Demand

Providing clients with the option of storing their documents off-site and scanning frequently accessed documents for electronic delivery. It is not common to scan documents that are rarely accessed until requested.

Retrieval Service

The documents are stored at our secure Cardiff onsite storage facility until they are ready for scanning and preparation. We can locate, scan and email you a file right away if you need it urgently before the scanning process is completed, or we can return the physical file to you the next day.

Easy Document Digitisation Service

The Maltings offers a variety of scanning services for archival records, document scanning, and document digitisation.

Contact us today for our document scanning services in Cardiff.