Information security, data protection and legal compliance are three vitally important business components, which if managed incorrectly, can have severe consequences to a company's owners, directors and staff.

Document Storage Cardiff

Surprisingly many organisations continue to store business critical archive records, within a rented room located inside a self-storage facility.

The decision to opt for a self-storage unit may be based on a misconstrued perception, that a fully managed archive service is a more expensive solution for effective document retention. By analysing the actual costs and previously unconsidered factors, the comparison below shows that The Maltings document management service costs less than you think!

Archive Storage

Flexible and secure document storage in Cardiff, South Wales

At The Maltings we also provide a document scanning and destruction services for businesses to digitise their important files, saving space, increasing security and improving the efficiency of the workplace.

Cost efficiency

Self Storage Units
Stacking boxes several layers high in a confined space, will damage the boxes and make retrieving documents difficult. When a storage unit is filled to capacity, another entire unit must be rented - thus increasing the monthly storage cost per box.

The Maltings Document Management Service
Storage costs start from as little as 1p per box per day - regardless of how many boxes are stored. Our customers only pay for what they store. Each box is allocated a permanent space on our bespoke racking.


Self Storage Units

Unlike The Maltings Document Storage Solutions, who only store archived material, self storage units are used by the general public to store various miscellaneous items. The range of items stored within neighbouring self storage units could pose a considerable risk to the safety of documents.

The Maltings Document Management Service
Only staff who are fully trained and DBS checked by Disclosure Scotland have access to our customers archive records. Our storage facilities are protected 24/7 by manned security and CCTV coverage.

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