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How to keep your documents safe during our fluctuating seasons

Severe weather conditions can cause significant problems for businesses, particularly those who need regular access to their company documents in order to carry out business critical processes. Therefore, it is advisable that you store your important and confidential documents in an environment specifically designed for document storage, with regulated humidity and temperature controls to keep your documents in excellent condition no matter what the weather is doing outside.

Here are just two key benefits of outsourcing your document scanning and storage in order to keep your documents safe from severe weather conditions.

Security and Protection of your Documents

We ensure the security and protection of your important and confidential business documents. We achieve this by utilising temperature-controlled environments, flood and fire defenses, on-site manned security 365 days a year and restricted door entry systems to prevent damage or theft. In addition, all staff are DBS checked and are fully trained Archivists to ensure your documents are in safe hands and safe environments at all times.

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Collection and Retrieval Service

We provide a collection and retrieval service for our valued clients as required. In the unlikely event that extreme weather prevents us from carrying out a service visit direct to your premises, our Scan on Demand service will ensure that each and every customer requirement is met, whatever the weather. Our Scan on Demand service enables us to retrieve the required file from storage, scan and send directly to the relevant authorised person(s).

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For more information on how The Maltings can help to store your documents safely and securely – contact our team today.


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