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The Benefits of a Clear Working Space

Just how much does a clear working space help productivity?

From time to time, work piles up and we can become so focused on making those deadlines that we lose sight of the workspace around us. Tunnel vision sets in and you become blind to the ever-growing mound of papers and files that spring up around the place. Sometimes those files get boxed away but even then, boxes are moved and left about the office or mount up in the background.

Tidying up your workspace can often fall to the bottom of the To-Do list, but there are quite a few benefits to keeping your working space office free and clear.

Clear Working Space | Maltings Document Storage

Reduce Stress

A cluttered workspace is never a pleasant sight and when it’s the first thing you see in the morning it can make you feel like you’re up against it from the get go. Having everything everywhere also makes things hard to find and being slowed down by having to look for ‘that one document’ can add to stress.

Having your files stored away safely and in order keeps you free to focus on what matters, when it matters the most. A clear workspace helps keep a clear head.

Boost Efficiency

A study suggests that employees within certain sectors can spend up to 2 hours a day looking for information. Searching through documents can be very time consuming and takes away from more beneficial tasks.

A busy work environment also limits the space you have to work with. Constantly making room for new materials can distract you from the important day-to-day tasks.

Clearing your office and making space in your store room can allow more time and space for you to be more productive.

Giving the Best Impression

For the vast majority of businesses, it’s not only employees that see each other’s workspace. Potential clients and customers may visit your office and build an idea of how you do business from what they see.

A clutter-free office will present your business as organised, professional and trustworthy, which is how you want your clients, partners and auditors to see you.

Safety and Compliance

With clients, business partners and auditors coming and going, having confidential information in view of visitors or stored insecurely can leave your company open to information theft, fraud and non-compliance.

In addition, having boxes blocking gangways and doorways, or overfilling store rooms can compromise the Health and Safety regulations of your workplace.

Storing confidential information in a secure and safe manner will drastically reduce various risks to your business.

The Maltings Document Storage Solutions provide a service that helps your business maintain a clutter-free, professional and safe working environment. By storing your confidential documents with us, you can be safe in the knowledge that your confidential materials are kept safe from information theft or incidental accident and in a way that’s easy for you and your team to access at any time.

Our professional records management services enable our customers to focus more on the tasks that allow their companies to strengthen and grow.

To learn more about how The Maltings can help your company, please contact us on (029) 2079 3434 or email us at


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