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Providing a secure and confidential Waste Destruction service to a large number of organisations across Cardiff, South Wales and the South West since 1980.

Professional and Trusted Document Shredding Services

Secure Waste Disposal 

Confidential waste disposal for companies across Wales and the South West of England

Our commitment is to provide every client with a professional and friendly service at a competitive rate, all while adhering to data protection and waste regulations. As registered Waste Carriers with Natural Resources Wales (Registration Number – CBDU9107), we operate in full compliance.

Our team members undergo comprehensive training and enhanced DBS checks, ensuring the highest level of trustworthiness and security.


Speak with our team to see how our various Document Shredding solutions can benefit your business.

Professional Document Destruction companies employ advanced security measures to ensure the complete and secure destruction of sensitive documents. This includes secure handling, transportation, and shredding processes that reduce the risk of data breaches and identity theft.

Compliance Assurance: Expert Document Destruction providers are well-versed in data protection regulations and compliance requirements. They ensure that your document destruction processes meet legal standards, reducing the risk of costly fines and legal consequences for non-compliance.

Enhanced Security

Expert Document Destruction providers are well-versed in data protection regulations and compliance requirements. By entrusting your document destruction needs to experts, you reduce the risk of costly fines and legal consequences that can arise from non-compliance with data protection laws. Our expertise and attention to detail provide peace of mind, knowing that your document disposal practices align with the strictest security and legal standards.

Compliance Assurance

Outsourcing Document Destruction to ourselves saves your organisation time and resources. It allows your employees to focus on core tasks while our experts efficiently manage the destruction process. This can lead to cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

Environmentally Responsible: MDSS prioritise environmentally responsible practices. We recycle shredded paper, contributing to sustainability efforts and reducing the environmental impact of paper waste.

Time and Cost-Efficiency

At MDSS, we prioritise environmentally responsible practices as part of our commitment to sustainability. One of our key initiatives is the recycling of shredded paper, which not only enhances our document storage units' space optimisation but also significantly contributes to broader sustainability efforts. We believe that making eco-conscious choices should be an integral part of any storage solution, and our dedication to environmentally responsible practices reflects our commitment to a greener future.

Environmentally Responsible

Each member of our team is a dedicated professional, committed to safeguarding your sensitive information. With years of experience and rigorous training, our team ensures that your documents are handled, transported, and shredded securely, meeting the highest standards of data protection. We understand the importance of compliance and confidentiality, and we're here to provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your document destruction needs.

Meet the Document Destruction Team

Describe the team member here. Write a brief description of their role and responsibilities, or a short bio with a background summary.

Taylor Quill

Position / Role

Describe the team member here. Write a brief description of their role and responsibilities, or a short bio with a background summary.

Alex Smith

Position / Role

Describe the team member here. Write a brief description of their role and responsibilities, or a short bio with a background summary.

Morgan James

Position / Role

Document Destruction | Document Shredding Cardiff | Shredding Services Cardiff | Business Shredding

We offer confidential and secure Document Destruction services in Cardiff, South Wales and the South West. Our specialisation lies in professional data destruction, ensuring compliance with data protection laws, GDPR, and environmental regulations, while always prioritising the security of your confidential business and personal information.

Document Destruction Services

How does it work?

Our fully trained and DBS checked staff collect all confidential documents and sensitive data. These materials are then securely transported in our fully tracked service vehicles using our Quartix vehicle management system. Off-site, the documents are safely shredded and responsibly recycled.

We maintain a strict audit trail for all confidential waste processes, with collection and waste transfer notes generated and signed by authorised individuals upon collection. Your security and compliance are our top priorities.

Document Destruction | Document Shredding | South Wales

Did you know that all businesses deal with all manner of sensitive documents, which must be kept secure? Safely disposing of these documents is a company's responsibility. Neglecting this could risk identity theft for customers, suppliers, and employees, making secure document destruction essential for any business.

Did you Know?

"We have used The Maltings DSS for our confidential waste needs for a number of years and would not go anywhere else. Ian and the team are always extremely helpful, knowledgeable and always make you feel like they are your priority".

Partnerships for Progress

"The Maltings offers a well-maintained file recording service, keeping all documents safe and secure and allowing file access and returns. The excellent team are professional and always helpful… and patient! I would recommend them to others".

Passmores Solicitors

"Maltings is always responsive to any requests or queries we send; they assisted us with recent relocation by collection of a large quantity of boxes for storage. Any requests for stored files are dealt with promptly and files received the next day. They provide a very professional, trustworthy, and friendly service".

Costley & Parnters

"The Maltings have provided our company with an excellent archiving facility since 2001. The service is very efficient, drivers are always helpful and polite - as are the Customer Care Team who go the extra mile should we have any questions or queries. We would not hesitate to recommend The Maltings to anyone who is looking for a professional Records Management company".

Robertsons Solicitors

Contact us

What service do you require?
Preferred Contact Method
  • Do you offer a scanning service?
    Yes, we offer a comprehensive scanning service. This includes small format documents, to scanning archive boxes, drawings to digital capture of microfilm and microfiche if required.
  • Is there a minimum quantity for your scanning services?
    No, we can cater from small projects to large scanning projects.
  • What type of documents can you scan?
    Small format to large format drawings to the capture of microfilm and microfiche if required.
  • How do we access documents that are stored at your facility?
    You can use our bespoke customer portal ( to request retrieval and delivery of your documents. Alternatively, you can request to have a file / box available for collection please send an email to quoting your account number.
  • Can you advise on destruction costs?
    Please contact us on to find out our latest charges for all your destruction requirements.
  • What areas do you service and how frequent?
    Daily Service – Cardiff, Newport City, Caerphilly, and surrounding areas. Monday, Wednesday, Friday – Vale of Glamorgan, Bridgend, Swansea, and surrounding areas. Tuesday, Thursday – Bristol (Tuesday only), Cwmbran, Aberdare, Merthyr Tydfil and surrounding areas.
  • How do you register the files / boxes following uplift at your facility?
    All files / Boxes are crossed referenced with our own bespoke inventory system and labelled with a unique QR code for referencing.
  • Who do I contact to request boxes for collection?
    Please use our Portal, or contact one of the processing team on
  • Can you store Wills and Deeds?
    Yes, we can assist with the storage of wills and deeds. The vast majority pf our legal clients store wills and deeds within our increased fire protected storage unit (which have a 3 foot thick concrete floors and ceilings, fire panelled walls and 5 hour fire rated doors). This unit is also temperature and humidity controlled.
  • Can I see what files and boxes that are in storage at your facility?
    Using our customer portal will provide you with live updates of your holding with ourselves. Our Customer Service Team are available to provide you with this information should you require their assistance.
  • Can I visit the facility to access and check my files / boxes?
    Whilst we encourage visitors to our site, we cannot allow visitors to access our units, due to our units being communal storage. We can retrieve requested boxes / files for viewing in our office should you require this.
  • Can I access my documents on a same day basis?
    Whilst we do not operate a same day service as standard, our Customer Service Team are available to discuss any options should an urgent request be needed. (Please note that this service may carry additional charges).
  • Do you offer a same day retrieval service?
    Whilst we do not operate a same day service as standard, our Customer Service Team are available to discuss any options should an urgent request be needed. Please contact them directly. (Please note that this service may carry additional charges).
  • Do you provide a report on boxes stored at your facility?
    Using our customer portal will provide you with live updates of your holding with ourselves. A full inventory can be obtained from our processing team. Please email
  • How do we get documents files to your storage facility?
    We provide a collection and delivery service. One of our team of driver archivists will attend your office to collect your documents in a safe and secure manner. Please email with any service instructions.
  • Are there special boxes that we need to use for our documents and files?
    We can supply boxes that fit onto our bespoke racking system, with the following dimensions 45cm (L) x 36cm (W) x 27cm (H). Minimum order 10. Other boxes can be used, but we ask that they stay within the measurements.
  • What are your storage costs?
    We offer bespoke storage packages to all our customers, depending on their requirements. Contact us for more information.
  • Is there a minimum storage cost?
    Yes there is. This equates to the same cost as storing 50 boxes (with increments only occurring once this threshold is surpassed).
  • What is your cost to move from an existing supplier to yourselves?
    Our cost is negligible as we endeavour to bring in all transferred documents to our facility at our cost.
  • How will a move from an existing supplier impact our access to documents?
    Our system will update the live information, and if you are using the portal, once the box / file is on the system, you are able to book it out. We process all boxes the same day they come into ourselves.
  • Do you have an online portal?
    Yes. It is bespoken to our company and has taken over two years of development to have it up and running.
  • Can you let me know what Accreditations you have?
    MDSS carry ISO9001 Quality Management system, ISO14001 Environmental Management, ISO45001 Standard for H&S at work, ISO22301 International standard for business continuity Management, ISO Information Security Management, Safe Contractor Accreditation and Cyber Essentials Plus.
  • We are on the 3rd floor of a shared building, can you collect from the 3rd floor?
    If you have lift access to any floor above the ground floor, then we will be able to collect any number of boxes / files. If not, we will be unable to collect the boxes as part of the Health & Safety Policies and Procedures we have adopted. We have contingencies in place to circumnavigate these issues, and are happy to discuss further, should this be the case.
  • What security is in place at your facility?
    Full CCTV Coverage, Perimeter Fencing, Fob Access Entry System, 24-Hour on-site security, Tracked Vehicles, Individually Locked Units and all our operatives are DBS checked.
  • How exposed are we to the Maltings increasing prices?
    Historically, we have only increased our storage charges twice in the last 20 years, as we strive to continually offer cost effective storage solutions to our customers. In 2024 we have decided to implement very small annual increases ongoing. This taking into consideration cost of inflation and increased costs.
  • What is the process of terminating the contract?
    As per our standard terms, we would require 3 months’ notice to terminate, plus there would be a permanent removal charge of £3.50 per box. This is industry standard and covers the labour intensity of extracting the boxes from storage, readying the boxes for collection and carrying out the back office work of purging the information from our systems, audit checks, etc.
  • How will we be invoiced?
    Currently, our invoices are raised in arrears monthly, with 30 days to pay.
  • How do we make a payment?
    Instructions on how to pay are included in your monthly invoice.
  • What are your payment terms?
    30 days.
  • Will we be in contract with yourselves? If so, what is the duration period?
    All new contracts are 12 months, but we are willing to negotiate longer contracts to help plan future expenditure for your company.
  • Can you provide IT destruction? What IT equipment can you destroy?
    Yes, we provide a complete IT destruction service. Items are as follows: Laptops, PC towers, keyboards, phone, monitors, computer mice and cables etc. We are compliant with WEEE. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.
  • Do I receive a certificate of destruction for sacks / documents that are shredded?
    Yes, all confidential shredding is supported with a certificate of destruction on completion.
  • When do you destroy boxes against the indicated destruction dates? Do you dispose of documents automatically or do you notify the client?
    We do not automatically destroy any boxes. We must have written instruction from our clients to destroy boxes for them, and unfortunately, we do not contact clients automatically.
  • Can you shred / Destroy cardboard?
    We do, it can be included in our confidential paper waste and recycled.
  • Can we request for documents to be destroyed by yourself without return to us?
    Yes, you can. We would need written permission to carry this out and will provide relevant paperwork for the whole audit trail.
  • What are your shredding charges?
    It depends on the quantities for destruction, please contact us for more information.
  • Is the shredding / destruction done at our premises?
    All shredding is done away from the clients premises under secure and confidential conditions.
  • How do we arrange for you to visit to empty the bins and how many days do we have to wait?
    Shredding Bins & Consoles are usually on schedules and collected automatically within the agreement. To arrange a collection outside of your agreement, please contact us, or utilise the portal for an extra collection.
  • For the bins to be emptied, do they need to be placed in reception or can they be left where located around the office?
    They can be left in situ, our staff will remove them and replace with a completely empty bin.
  • What size are your storage bins?
    Our storage bins are 120L capacity.
  • Do you provide Console Units?
    Yes, we can supply secure lockable console units. These are available in either Beech or White. Contact us for more information.
  • Do we have to remove staples, clips, cardboard backing sheets or plastic covers etc?
    No, the shredding machine breaks these up, and the remnants are separated to avoid contamination.
  • Are the bins locked? If so, will we have a key to gain access in case something is placed in the bin by error?
    Yes, they are locked, and you will receive a key for any errors that may occur.
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