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Document Storage - Good for business

While digital management systems are a must for most businesses, there are some documents where only a hard copy will do.

Document Storage Cardiff | Document Management

Employee contracts, HR records, invoices and company policies are all things that need to be kept safe and correctly stored. But what’s the safest and most efficient way to look after your documents?

Save time and space

While you can attempt to manage your own document storage in-house, if it’s not done right, things can get messy. Filing cabinets may begin to overflow and documents can easily get lost – not good if the tax man comes knocking. Outsourcing to a professional records management company, like The Maltings Document Storage Solutions, will keep all your documents safe in one place. Not only does this free up vital office space, it will free up the time spent trying to do it yourself.


Housing your documents in a professional space is much safer than going it alone. Confidentiality is key at The Maltings and all of our staff are fully trained and DBS checked by Disclosure Scotland, and we have CCTV onsite security 24 hours a day – every day of the year.

Value for money

All this convenience and peace of mind needn’t be expensive. A traditional bankers box at The Maltings costs from as little as 1 ½ pence per day, much less than it would cost to rent additional office space.

And much more

It’s not just storage we provide. Our retrieval services means we can locate exactly which document you require, when you need it, and deliver it to your door. Finally when you no longer need your archived documents, our destruction services can securely dispose of them.

So when it comes to storing your hard copies, it’s not a hard choice! The Maltings Document Storage Solutions will store your files in excellent conditions and they’ll be protected by CCTV and 24 hour on site security staff 365 days a year. More than 700 organisations, many of them top names in their own fields, have put their trust in our professionalism and we hope you will too.


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