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How to improve your document storage

How to improve your business' document storage with these simple tips.

Implementing a secure and successful document storage management process can be a challenging task,whether you are a start-up business, an SME or a large organisation. Sensitive information such as company contracts, employee records and customer details can quickly become out of control if stored in office cabinets with no structured process in place. Without a structured process in place, it is inevitable that you will find documents harder to access and pinpoint information when you need it most, in turn costing your business time and money that could be better spent elsewhere.

When deciding which document storage solution is best for your business – we would advise you to ask the following questions:

  • Can my documents be stored off-site?

  • How long do I need to retain the documents for?

  • Is my information sensitive?

  • How can I control access to my confidential documents?

With the launch of GDPR in May 2018 – It is crucial that your sensitive documents are stored in the most effective way following these new guidelines. Organisations need to ensure their document storage processes are secure, making it impossible for unauthorised persons to access or make copies of documentation that may breach the new data protection laws. With large fines in place for those businesses who are not abiding by the rules, having these systems and processes in place will ensure you remain compliant whilst saving your business time and money. The GDPR want customer and employee privacy to be thought out and businesses to prove that they have considered how this information is produced, managed and disposed of. By implementing a strict document retention schedule to manage your document inventory and upgrading to a secure off-site document storage solution will ensure your organisation is compliant with certain aspects of GDPR.

Although outlining your company’s document management may not be first priority on your New Year’s to do list, establishing a regular document retention schedule is necessary to run an effective business, especially when managing physical records. With a well maintained and well executed document management process, you can help to maximise your workplace efficiency by eliminating the files that are no longer required. Confidential documents can take up a lot of space when kept in your office, so considering an external document storage provider who can manage this process for you, will allow better utilisation of work and office space. Even a well thought out document management process for larger companies can be too complex to be managed in-house due to both the lack of space and resources. When this becomes an issue, it would be advisable to seek advice and support from one of our professional team members.

Confidential documents that are not stored correctly run the risk of loss, natural erosion, damage plus more. Storing your valuable, confidential and critical documents within our storage facility will ensure they are kept secure by our very own on-site security team and extensive CCTV coverage. All documents are stored within clean and dry conditions and we can also provide specialised temperature and humidity controlled storage environments as required. In addition, we provide our customers with collection, retrieval and confidential waste destruction services.

For more information on how The MaltingsDSS can help to store your documents safely and securely – contact our team today.


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