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Company Update: We’ve got exciting news!

We are MDSS, your trusted partner for comprehensive Document Management Solutions. From Document Storage to Scanning, Shredding, and IT Destruction, our services ensure the secure and streamlined handling of your business's valuable information.

For over four decades, we have been a pillar of reliability and excellence in the Document Management Industry. Founded with a vision to provide bespoke business services, we have grown to become experts in our field.

While our roots are firmly planted in Cardiff, South Wales and the South West, our ambitions know no bounds. We aspire to expand our footprint further into England in the near future, serving a wider community of businesses with the same dedication and commitment that has defined us for years. With this said, we are very excited to announce the extension of our offerings to include two additional locations: Bristol and Gloucester!

Cardiff Document Management

Cardiff Document Management

For over 40 years, we've specialised in Document Storage, Scanning, Destruction, and IT Data Destruction for Cardiff businesses. Our expertise guarantees meticulous care and security for your sensitive information. Whether it's secure storage, efficient scanning, or reliable destruction services you need, trust us for professional peace of mind.

Bristol Document Management

Bristol Document Management

​Expanding into Bristol, we maintain our dedication to precise care and security. Whether your business needs secure storage, streamlined scanning, or reliable destruction services, trust that our professionalism guarantees your peace of mind. Feel free to reach out to explore how we can support your needs.

Gloucester Document Management

Gloucester Document Management

As we introduce our services to Gloucester, we prioritise precision and security. For secure storage, streamlined scanning, or reliable destruction services, our professional team look forward to hearing about how we can streamline your business operations. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your document management needs.

We cater to a plethora of industries such as law firms, healthcare, local government, utilities, highways and solicitors.

How can Document Management Solutions improve the efficiency of your business?

Document Management Solutions

Document management is ideal to streamline your organisation and improve efficiency through storage, retrieval and sharing of documents. By implementing a document management system you are able to reduce the time employees spend searching for files, minimise the risk of data loss and ensure that up-to-date information is easily accessible. With these benefits, your business is able to make faster decisions, improved collaboration and enhanced compliance with regulatory requirements.

Furthermore, automated workflows and digital approvals reduce the need for manual intervention, therefore minimising errors and accelerating processes. All businesses strive for increased organisation, productivity and an agile business environment. The Maltings Document Storage Solutions is the perfect solution to achieving this.

Are you interested in improving the efficiency of your business? Whether you are looking to free up room in your office, digitise documents, destroy IT equipment or shred documents, MDSS can solve your business’ problems.

Contact us today to learn more!


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